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PMI Identity Complaints & Reviews

PMI Identity / Scam


Started reviewing my credit card statements and found that for a month or more that pmidentity has been charging me #19.95 a month. Called them and asked them to remove my name and my credit card number. How they got it is beyond me, but feel i should be reimbursed for what they have been charging me. will begin to watch my statement a little closer. this is beyond reason and they should be stopped. if they don't get stopped they'll continue to do this for years and get by with it. let's protest until they are no longer a company.

PMI Identity - Maine / Unauthorized Chare to my Credit Card


I used Intelius online to look up the status of a forclosure in my area, and after that I was charged $19.95 for three months before I realized this was an unauthorized charge, and not one of my standard payments. I have called the company using the number provided by my credit card company and they are suppose to stop the charges, but just in case I have also logged a compalint with my credit card company. BEWARE I always read what I purchase and NEVER check the boxes allowing them to charge my credit card for other services, so I have no idea how they were able to get this over as a "real charge".