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PMI Complaints & Reviews

PMI - Texas / Phone Interview

Apr 19, 2011

Just wanted to warn some of you that might be thinking about joining PMI. Fisrt I just went through the initial phone conversation and was careful not be led in with their questions. They like for you to agree toward income, debt free status, cash cushion, and retirement. If you agree to have time and be dedicated they will then hook you into their school. From some of the other comments posted it will cost you dearly. I would suggerst taking an online course on Real Estate where they prepare you towards taking the RE board exam. Thats about 300 bucks and will teach you about real estate term...

PMI - Utah, Lehi / Experience


My experience with PMI has been generally positive, actually great. Whenever I needed help in regards to evaluating a property or making my software work effectively to evaluate a property, they were quite helpful. They were always willing to walk me through it and never made me feel dumb for asking a question. I have acquired one property so far and am renting it for a $250 a month positive cash flow. I am excited to continue down this path!