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PM International Co. Complaints & Reviews

PM International Co. / He, he, he!!!I found something good in the end;)))


Hi. I am Mary Ann from Philippines. I heard about PM International Co. I saw their offer – they prepare everything. Everything – translate your documents, made your CV, cover letter, work permit, documents for insurance and so on. I was surprised about the amount of the services they offer and their fees are cheap. I am thinking of using them.

PM International Co. / Satisfied with the services of PM International Co.


Hello everybody. I’m happy to share that PM International Co. translated and prepared all my documents and I’m very pleased by the way they serviced me. I remember that their services were cheap and that they made my documents for a week. It was easy and quick for me. I was having a problem regarding the national insurance number for the country that I was about to work in. But they co-operated me and fortunatelly I got the number. Marites Dela Cruz.

PM International Co. / Very Glad with the services of PM International Co.


Hi. I am Fernanado Lopez from Philippines. I want to recommend a company – PM International. They are really good these people. They made all my documents in a right condition for job applying in European country. Their taxes are cheap. I remember that they offered me a great number of services I think that you should try to find them because they you help you very much. They deal with a lot of things like documents for insurance number, for bank account and registration number. Bye, bye and good day.