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Plaza Auto Mall Complaints & Reviews

Plaza Auto Mall - New York, Brooklyn / complete lack of courtesy and professionalistm


I have had it with Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn Ny. This is a terrible dealership. Completely unprofessional salesman and dealership. I leased a 2009 Toyota Rav 4 and Sirius/Xm was to be installed in it upon pickup. I went to pickup my truck on 3/24/09 and the Sirius/Xm was not installed. The dealer said he would schedule an appointment for it to be completed. The appointment was scheduled for later on that week. I live and work in Staten Island, and I left work 3 hours early (around 2pm) to be at Toyota by 3 as instructed by Troy Esposito (salesman). Upon arriving at Toyota, Troy made a few...

Plaza Auto Mall / Unacceptable business practices


A 2004 Acura TL (stock # 427598U) was advertised on and for $18,000, as on 5/7/07. On 5/7/07 I called the dealership and was asked if I wanted to make a $500 down payment, which I did. After three phone calls, it was disclosed that the price of the cars is $22,091. I was told that the internet price on both sites was incorrect. Through a series of email exchanges with Jaime O'neill, manager of the internet area at the dealership, I was basically given the take it or leave it decision. I was offered the return of my deposit if I did not want to purchase the car at the...