Platinum Management Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Platinum Management Solutions - Colorado, Denver — Overdue payments

Well I told my husband that I would be posting this complaint if and when our payment came through and after 2 months of hounding the Platinum Management Solution people, I finally got paid! I dont think I would deal with them again as the waiting and not knowing was too stressful but they did cut me a check so they're not crooks, just bad business managers.

4 comments Denver Real Estate  · Apr 21, 2012

Platinum Management Solutions - Colorado, Denver — Rude agents

The people who work at Platinum Management Solutions are a grumpy bunch who should be nicer to their customers and clients.

3 comments Denver Other  · Apr 11, 2012

Platinum Management Solutions - Colorado, Denver — timeshare rentals

My wife and I own a lovely, lovely condo in Mexico. The guys at Platinum Management were right there for me when I was paying them to rent the condo for me. It´s been a different story now that I´m trying to recover carpet cleaning costs from the so-called stellar tenants. Anybody renting out property thru Platinum in Denver needs to do a little bit of their own tenant screening I´d say.