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Pictage Complaints & Reviews

Pictage - California, Torrance / Photographers Service

Jul 8, 2015

Pictage has gone from being an innovator to one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. It seems there is no photographers support to speak of, no one you can get on the phone and little or no follow up. I've been with Pictage since it's inception to find it continually getting worse and am glad to be rid of them.

Pictage / Charged my card twice without warning


My wedding photographer used this service to process our 3 installments due for her services. They have a "consumer agreement" that states "Pictage will ALWAYS provide you with 7 calander days of advance notice before debiting your credit card during the course of your enrollment. This is designed to protect you from unpleasant surprises and help you to avoid potentially expensive overdraft charges." This is a straight up lie in my case. Pictage charged installment #2 and #3, for the amount of $1, 667.00 on my credit card without warning. When I had this problem with the second installment, I wa...

Pictage / Horrible service


I made sure to contact Pictage as I was preapring to order a parent album for my Mom and Dad fro xmas. After spending nearly an hour on the phone with them about a consistent error in the proof, the rep was finally able to correct the proof and assured me that I would still receive the book by xmas if I ordered next day. I called a week later to check on the order to find out that I would not receieve the album until mid January. Not to mention when I inquired about a refund they could not give me an detailed information as to if I would be able to recieve one and that it would take 5-7 busine...

Pictage / Scam charges


I just got my wedding pictures from Pictage today. I was so excited to see them. To my disgust the pictures were absolutely terrible. Several of them had people cut off on the sides or top. My husband's head was cropped off in a very important picture of his relatives from England. I got a picture of my family and was going to give it to everyone for Christmas. My father was cropped off on one side and my sister-in law on the other. I couldn't believe it!! I spent $550 dollars on these awful pictures. On the website that I ordered from the pictures were not cropped or cut off like...

Pictage / They've ruined my wedding photos and their customer service is horrible


I had my wedding in St. Thomas, USVI and had an excellent photographer. She put my pictures on Pictage because she said since she is out of the country it would be easier. That was a mistake, Pictage was horrible. There customer service is horrible. In the end they billed my credit card twice. When I called them and told this they called me a liar. They made me fax my credit card statement to them and then when I called them back they told be very hatefully that they would be refunding the money in a few weeks. In less than an hour later, I received another call and they said that after...