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Picasso Home Art School Complaints & Reviews

Picasso Home Art School - Illinois, Chicago / SCAM ARTISTS


I was hired by Kendra from Amadaus Music/Picasso Home Art back in January for teaching drawing. She contacted me after seeing a posting I made offering my services on Craigslist. I contacted family immediately and we began lessons and because of scheduling conflicts it has taken us awhile to complete the 8 weeks of lessons. We are currently at 7th lesson. Meanwhile, I have am contacted by Maria from Picasso who introduces me to new client. We begin lessons. Meanwhile, the mother of first student tells me that Picasso had charged her account 3 TIMES more for lessons(over $2, 000)She had already...

Picasso Home Art School / I am a teacher


I have been an art teacher with Picasso Home Art School for more than a year. Payments to me have always been late and required continued correspondence. But, now, I have been led to believe that no further payments will be forthcoming. Plus, Picasso has tapped one of my student's for an additional $1, 000.00 without authorization after the initial contract period was scheduled to be over. It seems to me that the company is going downhill and becoming ruthless or utterly incompetent in the process.