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Photizo Group / They delayed all payments for the rent

Dec 03, 2015

We have rented the property to Photizo Group. These guys have paid only deposit in advance, but later they started to delay the payments. We have argued with them and they paid for the first month 3 months later. We threatened them and said that they didn’t follow the conditions and terms of the contract. They are very irresponsible and I wouldn’t recommend other people to do business with them.

Photizo Group / did not pay for service

Jun 05, 2012

Photizo Group, had an event in Brazil- Sao Paulo in July 2011, Terry Crowley wife of Photizo Group CEO Mr. E. Crowley use Simultanea Br. to helped with the translation equipment and translators people to help in the event. The payment was never received, eventhough we try by phone and several e-mails with no responsability of Photizo Group to honor the payment they own. We already spoke with, Edward Crowley, Mrs Terry Crowley, David Brown, Tim Grahl and Mr. Frank Stefansson. They are not a realiable company to work with.