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Phil DiBello Roofing Complaints & Reviews

Phil DiBello Roofing - Maryland / Rude workers

Sep 07, 2012

hile I haven't used DiBello directly, we had an unpleasant experience with two of their workers which indicate the type of people that work for this company. DiBello was working on a restaurant roof. Turns out they parked in a no parking zone on the street behind my wife, pinning her in her spot. When she tracked them down they were on the roof working. She asked them to move their truck, their response was "There is no other place to park, we're not moving". They turned their backs and walked from the edge of the roof. My wife had to call the police, and when they found out that...

Phil DiBello Roofing - Maryland, Baltimore / Roofing

Oct 13, 2011

Please do not use this company. I was foolish enough to use them 3 times. But three strikes and you're out. My last experience came after the hurricane. I suffered a damaged roof. The companies the insurance company gave me were not able to come out timely so I called Phil DiBello. I had a long conversation about where the damage was. I was told that I needn't worry if I couldn't pinpoint it because they would be inspecting the roof. They also told me they would come early so my husband was prepared to leave a little late for his meeting. They showed up late, just as my husband...