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PharmaMedics Complaints & Reviews

PharmaMedics / Beware


Affiliate Warning! - After 3 years of marketing, building a clientele with repeat customers and residual income, Vladimir O. Vasilyukov (owner) decides to suspend my account due to so called (fake orders). Also a large sum of money had accumulated of which i will never see. He has also blocked my email and ip address so i cannot defend myself. I have also stopped marketing (a sister company) before the same thing happens. Also customers are complaining about continous phone calls from to reorder there prescription medication. This tells me...

PharmaMedics - Nebraska, Omaha / Scam


This company has repeatedly called my cell phone stating they want to re-fill my prescription. Not only do I not take the medications offered, but the only time I fill a prescription it is with my local pharmacy. I have stated repeatedly to them that I think it is a scam and I inquire how they got my full name and cell number. The man on the phone then gets very rude and says they won't call again, but they do.