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Nov 28, 2016

People beware!! Don't buy pets from, this is a scam website. They steal pictures from other websites and post them on their site. Recently I received a call from my friend who told me that I should take a look at this site because there were pictures which looked like the ones on my site! I am a dog breeder and have my own website. And after a closer look I really found my dogs on this website!! I tried to contact them but they simply ignored me!! What a bunch of scammers! / The website is scam and provides fake pics

Oct 04, 2014

People, be careful and don’t use the website I wanted to buy puppy and searched for it on this website. I was ready to pay for one, but the breeder suddenly stopped to communicate with me. Also I found one pic of the puppy, but it was taken from the Internet, ‘coz I recently saw such pic. I was totally disappointed in this website and wanted to ask other people to spread this info further.