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Pet Go Round Complaints & Reviews

Pet Go Round - Virginia, Virginia beach / Dog

Sep 09, 2014

Recently my family got a german shepherd puppy. From the pembroke pet go round. The store had sent some medicine home with her for kennel cough. Within the first week, i had to take this poor puppy to the vet because i thought she was going to die. The vet determined that she was very sick with phenomia and had to be hospitalized for four days. After run around with the petstore, they finally paid the vet bill of over 3000 dollars. Within a week of having her back home, she had to go back to the vet and stay two more days. We just got her home today and she is a very sick puppy. After talking...

Pet Go Round - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Sicks dogs

Jun 07, 2011

I was in the store looking for a puppy for my kids and we were interested in purchasing a small dog that was hypoallergenic since my kids have allergies. All of the sudden the gentlemen started talking about english bulldogs and I stated that I was interested in something smaller and instead he brought out the bulldog that had green stuff running from its nose and was crusty. I asked the gentlemen why his face looked the way it did and he said that it was a simple cold and the puppy was fine. Then in about ten minutes my kids started itching and complaining that they were having a hard time...