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Persels and Associates Complaints & Reviews

Persels and Associates / Worst experience possible

Jun 30, 2011

I got into the Debt Resolution program with Persels & Associates in January 2009, shortly after my husband passed away. He was in a nursing home nearly 3 years and wiped out any money we had saved as I had to pay $1100 a month towards his care and now am owing the state of PA nearly $90, 000 in back monies towards his care. I feel that Persels was NOT entirely forthcoming with their information about taking money, lawyer fees and when they would start paying on my accounts. All along they told me they would take the money from my account, but that it would only be on month of fees for lawyer...

Persels and Associates - California, Tarzana / Services non provided


Refered to this law firm by Care One Credit Services. This law firm was taking money of my account to repay credit cards debts according to agreement. Offered to contact all debtors to start repaying debts. They just one creditor to be paying were taking representation fees out of payments and paying only one creditor. their fees were higher than payments been made. No progress that all in repaying debts. Informed of wages garnhisment and were not able to do anything for me or my credit. Do not use this people. Their programs are only extortion and do ot represent nobody.

Persels and Associates / Total BS


I am having the same problem as well. I pay 171.00 a month which I thought was going into an escrow acct, but I came to find out that they are taking 140.00 for their fees and 31.00 is actually going into the acct. I feel that that is total bs and a person will never be out of debt at that rate. Its better to just call the source of your debt and they can actually help you settle your own debt! I owe sears a little over 5000.00 and after I spoke with one of the reps all I have to pay is 2600.000. I was paying that in fees to Persel...My advice, dont get caught up with them, bad for business!

Persels and Associates - Georgia, Dublin / debt resolution program


4/25/09 For approximately 12 months I used Persel and Associates to help me with what I thought was going to be paying off my debts. Instead, they made a lot of money off of me and I have since had to file for bankruptcy. I was paying them 365.00 a month to put into my alleged account to be used to pay my creditors. I understood that they would be working with my creditors and attempting to get them to agree to a lesser amount of money to settle the account. I continued to receive phone calls from my creditors for several months after going under the plan, but Persels and Associates would alway...

Persels and Associates - Maryland / Non performance and fraud


I contacted them in Oct. 2008 to file personal bankruptcy. They were recommended by Care One Credit Counseling. They took $1500 which I could ill afford, and told me my court date would be Jan. 09. It's now mid March, and I can't get any information from them about my case. If you are lucky enough to get someone on the phone, they can never answer any questions and always say that someone will get back to you. They never do. I have to start all over now with a local attorney. Persels and Associates has been a nightmare to deal with, and I have absolutely nothing to show for the fees I paid them, except for countless runarounds.