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Permission Interactive Complaints & Reviews

Permission Interactive - California, San Diego / EZJet rip off


When placing an order online Saturday for the $19.99 EZ Jet water canon, I had to give my credit card info before receiving the total of my order which turned out to include a $30.98 shipping and handling charge. So I was charged almost $51 for an item I thought would be around $20. There was no way to cancel this order as the confirmation of my order email had a "no reply" email address, the website listed only an 866 number to call M-F EST. When I did call both Sat. and this Mon. a.m., each time I got an automated female voice saying "1, 1, 2." In researching the website, it repeatedly only...

Permission Interactive / Rip off city!


I would like to lodge a complaint about the shipping practices of, parent to Patch Perfect grass seed as seen on TV commercials. I thought the cost of two bottles of seed at $19.95 wasn't too bad... but the routing shipping cost of $7.95 was almost half the cost of the product. The company offered rush delivery for an additional $5.95... making the total shipping cost two thirds the cost of the product. My order was placed on line on June 21, 2007. It was not processed until June 26th, 2007 and shipped via Parcel Post! When a buyer pays 2/3's the cost of the...