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Perfect Smile Veneers Complaints & Reviews

Perfect Smile Veneers / perfect smile veneers

Sep 09, 2018

I ordered this product about 2 months ago. I did receive it, about 2 weeks ago, and the product is nothing like I expected. They don't even come close to fitting in my mouth, there are no instructions with it. The worst part is when I tried to get hold of them through their Email, it said it did not exist. Now I paid, well over, $35 for these, rediculous, joke like teeth and I want my money back. I tried so hard to find them, other than calling China, and the closest I've come is you. Please help me get my refund, as promised.

Perfect Smile Veneers / wrong delivery, not as order

Aug 14, 2018

Although ordered through you off internet advertising the items eventually, after a delay of a month eventually arrived from China. I ordered an upper and a lower set of the teeth veneers. The China post names the order as Qty 2 braces HG41821190BAI grid code r2-02-02, attrM (normal)_Top & Bottom which is what I ordered. I received 2 x Upper teeth. I will try to send an email with photos of the order slip and the two items to China but as my ordering point am informing you as you remain my point of contact for final correct delivery. Customer Holley Barry PO Box 2010 Kiboouryi Odos Pansedon 8, Porto...