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People To People Ambassador Program Complaints & Reviews

People To People Ambassador Program / Criminals


My 14 yr. old son recently received a letter from the People to People Ambassador program. My son was ecstatic to know that he had been "nominated" for a 20 trip to Australia. To make a long story short, after sending in a $400 dollar check with his application and beginning the process of fundraising and sending out letters for donations to raise the close to $7000 fee that this trip would cost, We ended up returning all donations and fundraising money that we received and cancelling the $400 dollar check just in time. We strongly recommend that every parent investigate this company before...

People To People Ambassador Program - Washington, Spokane / Misleading and Fraudulent


The below email was sent after I was told I would not get my refund. After these emails were sent, I made another call and was told not only would I not get my $400, but that I now owed $500, but they would waive that. My local tv news station was very interested and I also received a reply from our Lt. Governor, who directed me in my next steps. I forwarded his email to People to People and within 30 minutes, someone called from Spokane and said that they would give me my $400 back. Also, if you read the story regarding the Hills and their son who died, I would like to make you aware that the...