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Peak Potentials Training Complaints & Reviews

Peak Potentials Training - California, San Diego / No integrity and does not keep their promises

Sep 24, 2016

In April 2016 I went with MME here in Michigan and bought the quantum leap package. I was told I could get a rrefubd as long as it was within the first two weeks of the purchase. I called and spoke to Customer Care and I email them my cancellation letter and they told me that I would be refunded in May 2016 I have been calling and emailing the same refund letter to them for the last 4 1/2 months they have not return my refund and now they keep telling me there's something wrong with their boards but they do have the information saying that I was supposed to have a refund in June 2016. I spoke...

Peak Potentials Training - California, San Diego / Scam

Mar 10, 2015

This company was once owned by Harv Eker. I made a few investments in deals his company endorsed. They were real estate deals and ATM machines. We never saw the real estate properties and the ATM machines never existed. In doing my research I discovered that Eker ran a very slick deal in grey areas of investments. He had back hand deals but was never name din any investments that were offered from his stage. This company is now owned by an Asian guy who I have learned is quite a slick operator too. The CEO Adam Markel is a fraud. He has scammed people out of money in a real estate scheme once...

Peak Potentials Training - Nevada / Big Scam - No Integrity


I am trying to organize complaints against Peak Potentials Training, as I am also trying to get my money back. Please view my review in, as well as my attached letter below. Also I would encourage you all to put a review into as well. I see that some people who have gone through the Better Business Bureau seem to have gotten some resolution, but I suspect it is minimal compared to other possible avenues. My letter to Peak Potentials Training sent on June 3, 2010: I am following up on my phone conversation with a Quantum Leap customer service representative (Anita) on 5/18/10 in...

Peak Potentials Training - Colorado / Unethical Business Practices


I have emailed and faxed a cancelation for courses and tried to call to cancel when I didn't get a response. Tried to call but their phone lines didn't work. Some installation problem or upgrade. I finally reached Pablo or Paco but he said they would not refund my money. Honest companies may charge a small fee to cancel but they won't refund. Makes a person wonder why they trick people into signing a "credit card" receipt which is really a contract that you only have 3 days to cancle. If they were as great as they claim they wouldn't need these crooked tricks.

Peak Potentials Training / Does not honor promises


Before you shell out money for ANY courses, especially the advanced courses at Peak Potentials, you may want to confirm, in writing, that Peak Potentials will honor THEIR commitments. We've paid thousands of dollars for Peak Potential courses including the Enlightened Warrior and Wizard Training. The trainings were awesome, we made some great friends, and we thought we could trust Peak Potentials. My husband and I attended our courses and camps here in California, about an hour from our home, and were assured that the more advanced courses would be held in locations other than Canada. In...