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Peak 5 Complaints & Reviews

Peak 5 - Colorado / charge to wrong person/ recharged after billed


there is no website, there is no current contact number, I purchased my vehicle through Centrix just me no joint account. I lost my job lost my vehicle was sent a bill for 1400 dollars. paid in full back in 2005. got a bill six months ago saying i owed the credit union 13000.00 dollars, fought it with them contacted the company that bought centrix peak 5 no return phone calls from them, no letters from them. just checked my credit report today theres no listing under me but they put it under my wife who had signed nothing and was not involed . what am i to do there no number no way to contact...

Peak 5 - Florida, WPB / Auto Portfolio Services


Beware! Peak 5 folded and after briefly transferring assets to "APS" and then to SST they were immediately transferred back to "APS". They use the same software, account info system, and statement printing as Peak 5. And they're in Greenwood CO. They are Peak 5 reformulated as "APS". I thank God i only have two more years of dealing with an ### company.

Peak 5 - Colorado / Dont know where to send car note to and who is original lein holder


I have been calling Peak 5 for the past 3 weeks and have gotten a busy signal everytime. Their website is closed down and I don't have any idea where to send my car payments to. I have 3 car payments left and I would like the title to my car when it is paid off. Someone called about a week ago from a unkown number at 6:45 p.m. eastern standard time and stated they had taken over my loan. I wasn't sure if it was a scam and the lady stated she didn't have all the information on my account. I didn't want to disclose any personal information because it just didnt sound right. I...

Peak 5 - Texas, Grand Prairie / Out of Business


I have been paying my car loan for several years now. I started when they were Flat Iron Financial. I just found out that my June payment went through but my July payment was returned and the next one is due in a couple of weeks. I am really worried about getting my car repo'd. I only have the one car and I have 3 kids. I don't even live on a bus line so I would be srewed. If anyone is planning a class action law suit please message me with the details I would really like to get in on that. These people are crazy, what kind of business closes their doors with no explanation as to...

Peak 5 - Colorado / Don't know where and how to pay car note


I have 2 car notes here try to be responisble and pay my car note but don't have an address to send it to. I've tried calling all the number I was provided on the number to reach peak 5 to another company. That number just rings, and rings then a busy sound. I want to make sure that I am not going to be held to pay a fee because I don't know how to really contact and where to send my payments. This is the most cazy situation I have dealed with a company. La Crisha Jones I may be contacted @ 813-900-0902

Peak 5 - Alabama / unable to contact via phone or email to make payment


I have made numerous attempts to contact via phone in order to make payments. The line as continously been busy. I did not recieve a bill for the month of July. However, I attempted to send payment via Western Union and via Moneygram. The response was unable to process contact original lein holder. I am perplexed as to what to do.

Peak 5 - Colorado, Centennial / Closed with no answers


I called this morning to make arrangements to pay off my loan and the recording said to hold for the next available customer service rep and after 15 minutes it hung up. When I tried to call back the recording now stated that Peak 5 was closed for information concerning your new payment arrangements to contact your lien holder and there were no further comments. Guess who the lien holder is!?! Centrix, which was the company bought by Peak 5 over 2 years ago. Does anyone have anymore info? I am tired of dealing with these people. I have contacted BBB and the Secretary of State office in...