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pdl resource center - Kentucky / unauthorized charges to bank account


Apparently, when I went online to apply for a loan, my info was sold to a third party and they have signed me up for some kind of membership and I had to call them at 866-886-2013 and wait until a REAL person answered. She could only stop the membership and of course, NO REFUND for the $17.97 already taken out. I told her that I hope my info was worth that much because if I see another charge I will sue them. I also have seen a lot of complaints on this company and I advised them that I won't be the only one to sue. I have learned a valuable lesson, Go down the street to my local pay day loan office instead. At least the drive wouldn't cost me $17.97!!!

pdl resource center / unathorized transactions


I applied for a 250.00 loan and paid it back in full ay my subscribed time then a month later 17.00 is taking out of my account with a check. So i called the number that is provided by my bank and its some kind of resource center that claims when i took out that loan i agreed to pay them basically to. Im so done with pay day loans they are not the first loan center that did this, a lot of them do and if i were you I would NOT DO IT!!unless you change your account info right after you pay them back.