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PC World Complaints & Reviews

PC World - Scotland, Strathclyde, Glasgow / not listening to a complaint


I bought a netbook for my daughter after 16 weeks the pin on the charger broke and i returned it only to be told my daughter must of forced the plug in too break it. The manager of the store was very unhelpful as was the customer service person on the phone both called mark. I then phoned dell who sorted my problem in seconds what a change. I will not be using pcworld again and as I work in a school I will be advising my parents not to either. They were rude and very unhelpful but reading the rest of the complaints a lot of people wont be using them again.

PC World / Terrible company


I bought an Acer Aspire laptop from PC World as a business customer. After 11 months the display failed so I took it back to the store hoping to get it repaired, they told me I had to phone the PC World business customer services department on 08701 664666 which I did. The woman who answered was quite unhelpful and told me that the warranties were handled directly by Acer, she gave me the number. I phoned Acer on 08700853100, Acer told me that they had sold the warranties to ‘Tech Guys’, and I had to contact them, so they gave me the number. Next I contacted ‘Tech Guys’...