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Pc Tools Complaints & Reviews

Pc Tools - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Unauthorized billing for software

Dec 13, 2011

Complaint sent to my SLFCU, Albuquerque, NM Bank regarding a disputed charge by PC Tools Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday, , 12/12/2011, I noticed a new charge against my Sandia Laboratories Federal credit Union (SLFCU), Albuquerque branch, checking account made by PC Tools for $29.99, which was supposedly for an annual renewal of their services. Please note that I do not use this online service and do NOT wish to do so in the future. Are you able to ensure that this new charge is nullified? Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Paul E. Bolduc

Pc Tools - England, Berkshire, Reading / Cannot cancel false subscription

May 10, 2011

I noticed a payment from PC Tools for £29.99 come out of my account today (10/05/11) and queried it with my bank. It transpires this is a charge for a subscription I DID NOT AUTHORISE yet upon trying to contact PC Tools/Symantec my emails bounced back (apparently I need a licence code to take my complaint further - how when I never subscribed to a renewal in the first place?). I found out that they have a Reading-based office so I called them to be told my complaint could not be taken further and I had to call their Canadian or Australian numbers (how convenient). They wouldn't even...

Pc Tools - California, San Francisco / It is flaud


I purchased PCT online in 2009. I used it for few times and tossed it away as I don't think it is very useful. To my surprise, PCT charged my credit card on Aug 24, 2010 for auto-renewal w/o my authorization! Much to my annoyance, I file a ticket asking for refund. As of I write this complain, there is no response from them (except the automatic confirm to the ticket I filed). I send a mail to them, again, no response. I tried to register their forum and send a message to their forum. I am not able to register because they ban any email-address they don't know about. I'm wondering how such evil company get away in the past few years.

Pc Tools / Don't buy


After buying this program at Walmart and bring it home, first, it would not load, then you must register in order to get a code but their website stated I had no internet connection therefore, no code. They kept sending me auto replies that they had no record of me puchasing the program...BECAUSE I COULD NOT REGISTER IT or e-mail customer service. NO PHONE NUMBERS BUT there is a 24/7 support that I can not access because I HAVE NO CODE. It's just stupid, around and around I go. I just want my $20.00 back but can't even get an address. I think it's a bogus company!

Pc Tools / unauthorised payment taken from accouint


For the third year in a row PC Tools have taken 39.95 from my credit card - I cannot contact them as unless you have an identification number you cannot access customer support and as I did not buy anything from them i dont have one - MBNA said they cant do anything so I cannot cancel this subscription this is a can anyone do anything about this company I did find a number for the Shannon office its 061715900 (Irish number) but no one answers this is a scam and it has to be stopped dont give them your details as you will not bee able to cancel also the email address on the company files is [email protected] came back undelivered

Pc Tools - South Australia / Dri*pctools 952 - 908 - 4084 gbr complaints


I have come across this website after finding myself searching for a dri*pctools 952 - 908 - 4084 gbr complaints. This has happened to me, pc tools has taken 50$ from my account for no reason. I am not able to contact these people. . They do not respond to my emails. Would like to know what i can do to get my money back and to stop them from doing this again??? My name is lisa ellul. Email [email protected] Au 0422897213. Im in adelaide south australia. Any directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Pc Tools - California, Whittier / Spy Doctor Scam


My son's computer had a virus and he downloaded a "free" version of Spy Doctor from PC Tools. In the middle of cleaning all the so called infected files, we were asked to purchase Spy Doctor for $29.95 to continue the process. They said they would e-mail a license to us to activate the account. That e-mail NEVER came. Tried calling them - disconnected. Tried e-mailing them - received an automated response saying they're so busy it would take a while for them to answer. They weren't too busy to take my money!! That charge went through the next day!!! I called my bank and had them...

Pc Tools / Unauthorized Credit Card Charge


I received an email today, 6/7/2009, advising me that my annual subscription was renewed. Quantity of two at $24.95 each for a total charge to my credit card of $49.90. I was very angry since I never reordered this product, did not like the product very much the one time i purchased it anyway. Furthermore, I don't understand why they charged a quantity of "2". Perhaps it is because I have two computers. Or perhaps it is because they are charging my account for "two" one-year subscriptions. The credit card I used had a two-year expiration date so that would put the expiry at 6/30/2009. So...

Pc Tools / Automatic Renewal


I bought PC Tools via the internet. Nowhere did the websire say that they would automatically renew it without my permission. But, they billed my credit card and renewed it against my wishes. This should be illegal. Nobody should be able to bill anyone's credit card unless they have explicit authorization from the cardholder. I would NEVER buy any of their products, again.



Obviously, from the number of complaints about PC TOOLS, it is or should be a pariah in the software business. They are behaving like cheap car dealers, or Nigerian scam artists. Here is the email I have sent them twice, no reply. Fortunately, our credit card was stolen and cancelled -- hopefully limiting PC TOOLS to what they have cheated us of so far. By the way, their PC TOOL crashed our PC while trying to remove the virus -- and we had to trash it!! PC TOOLS: RE: Subscripion Fraud Cancellation "I wrote you via your site 4 months ago to cancel this subscription, which I if anything was tricked...