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Jul 18, 2013

I just received a collection notice from Credit Protection association L.P. I admit I owed Mediacom and figured I'd better pay it before accumulating any additional fees. I went to the site they provided to me and put in my info, pressed submit, THEN, was told they were attaching another fee to process the check. Seems that would be illegal not to tell me upfront the total coat of the transaction. / phone calls

Feb 03, 2013

I keep getting phone messages for other tenants that used to live at this address but in different apartments and with entirely different names than mine. When I try to call back to stop these annoying calls, all I get is an automated response and/or a hangup. I never get through to a human being, so I get a new message on my answering machine the next day and the day after that while I am away from home. I do not understand why it is legal for them to call a number when the name attached to it clearly is the wrong person.