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Patriotic Readers Club Complaints & Reviews

Patriotic Readers Club / Scam

Aug 26, 2011

This company called me, and used the name of a readers service that I am making payments to. They didn't say that they were Patriotic Reader Club, so of course I thought it was the one that I am familiar with. They knew a lot of the magazines that I am getting, my address, the bank I bank at., my address, They had mentioned about making a $39 payment I said No, I make monthly payments by check, not by withdrawing from my account. Well I sent my payment recently to United Reader Service and some how Patriotic copied my check and sent it to my bank. For withdrawal, I have a copy of it from my bank. I will try calling them I called once and got the janitor.

Patriotic Readers Club - Colorado / Deceptive Practices


Patriotic Readers Club called several months ago claiming to be "with my magazine distributor". I currently use one so I didn't think much about it. They proceeded to tell me that "they" are going to credit card billing and doing away with paper billing. That seemed reasonable with the way technology is heading so I gave them my card number. Stupid!! I was told that the charge would be $39.95/month which was about what I was paying. I was told that I would be getting an additional five magazines. They told me that they would fedex confirmation with account number, terms, etc. I never got...

Patriotic Readers Club / Operating under false pretenses


They got me with their little scam too. They posed to be the company to which I had been receiving magazines from and fraudulently received my account information. I went to my bank and they helped me to deal with the charges and sent the information that I had in to the fraud investigators. I am sorry to say that I had to learn this the hard way, but this whole ordeal has taught me one good lesson. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION TO SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE WORKING FOR "THE COMPANY THAT SENDS OUT YOUR MAGAZINES."!!! You can not trust the intensions of them. Tell them that you will call back...

Patriotic Readers Club - Massachusetts / Misrepresntaion


A sales person contacted my son in college claiming they were master card, and had an offer for him of free magazines. All he had to do was confirm his credit card for them. Once they had his card he started getting monthly bills for $49.95 for a grand total of $1248.75 to be charged to his credit card, for magazines he does not want and did not request. We would like to request that master card investigate this fraud, and will contact a lawyer