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Patricia Seaborn Complaints & Reviews

Patricia Seaborn / my bank card was debited without my permission!!!

Sep 28, 2017

Imagine my SHOCK when checking my bank account and found a debit in the amount of $79.99 and had no idea who would have done such a thing WITHOUT my permission!?!?!?!? I don't know you, , therefore I wouldn't have ordered any product from you. Thankfully my bank statement showed a phone number which I did call only to find out some co. named Clever- something. Then the recording gave a web site to go to!!! I do Not like doing anything online because of all the dishonest people and hackers; but you have forced my hand to do this online!!! I'm asking you to refund the $79.99 immediately!!! Then...

Patricia Seaborn / antivirus software

Sep 21, 2017

I have NOT applied for nor ordered any antivirus software nor have I given my permission to debit my acct. for any product over the web!!! Apparently my info. Has been hacked and I expect my acct. to be refunded for the full amount of $79.99!!! I am not releasing any other info. over the web. I hope to hear from you soonest!!! I much rather deal with companies by phone with legal 800 numbers!!! And don't tell me you don't have my debit card info. because the [protected] number is on my bank statement along with the name Avesta Antivirus Software, $79.99!!! I will be waiting to hear...