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Patricia Richarde Complaints & Reviews

Patricia Richarde - California / avoid like the plague


Thinking of doing business with Patricia Richarde? Before you do so, you may want to check out the civil complaint files in Los Angeles County in her name. There are 15 of them; she was the plaintiff in only one of them in a case where she unsuccessfully tried to sue a medical outfit. The rest are all cases against her filed by private parties and include restraining orders. I wish we had known about these before we did business with her, buying her end of lease vehicle which she now holds title to due to the fact that Wells Fargo Auto Financing (another outfit I recommend avoiding) sent her...

Patricia Richarde - California, Redondo Beach / Non payment


Patricia Richarde. Fails to pay her bills and failed to pay me for work performed at the US Storage facility off of Hawthorne Blvd. She will trick you into working for her and then pay you with a check which she will then promptly cancel and make a stop payment on. She expects you to work for her and then tries to guilt you into doing free work. Very nasty and mean lady. Several calls have produced zero results from her. Now taking her to small claims court for unpaid labor charges.