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Panda Antivirus Complaints & Reviews

Panda Antivirus / hacked my system

Apr 10, 2015

i was utlizing panda and never viewed any actions at all and really did not think it worked. then the "activate panda for$zzxx" every week and different prices available each time, yet escalating each week as continued use towards 6 months as they do not like "free"period given. now one day(today) a dialog box appears stating "to continue free trial these updates must be installed". i could not get around it. windows defender pops up that i haven't any anti-virus program. i am virtually forced to apply these "upgrades" to save face. after install my computer is taken over. my browser...

Panda Antivirus - California / Download app does not work

Sep 5, 2011

Panda antivirus app available for download on tablet app sites. Download initiates and I receive email's from company which you cannot reply to, but software is nowhere on my device; downloads; or my apps. Their website requires a code to send any email's to them, which never is available since the software doesn't install. You basically give them personal info and your email, and money for some offered versions of their software and receive nothing. Forget whatever is posted supposedly from cnet or PC May, this is a scam; spyware; or malware by another appearance. Don't...