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Pak Watan Cargo LTD Complaints & Reviews

Pak Watan Cargo LTD / No one showed up and took my cargo

Nov 16, 2014

Don’t deal with the scammers from the company Pak Watan Cargo LTD. I spoke with the rep and she told me that someone would arrive to me and took the cargo. I left at home and waited for them for the whole day, but no one showed up. I wasted my day and money, which I transferred in advance, ‘coz the rep told me to do it. So be careful if you use the services of this company or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

Pak Watan Cargo LTD - England, Greater Manchester, Rochdale / They don't transfer customers' stuff

Apr 04, 2014

So the company Pak Watan Cargo LTD turned out to be scam. I needed to transfer some stuff and contacted the rep from this company. They took money and stuff, and after that I never heard from these ### again. I want to warn other people that they don’t do their job properly and you can lose a lot. Be careful and share this info. Also it might be a good idea, if people write about their experience with this seller.