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Pack And Ride Complaints & Reviews

Pack And Ride / Scammed by Pack and Ride


I was called on August 20th by Pack and Ride telling me they were out of business and that I had to deal with the trucking company Estes to get my goods. I had paid Pack and Ride $3700 to move from San Diego to Maryland and the truck was picked up on the 16th and when I called Ested they told me they had it in Batimore. I had to pay Estes $500 to deliver the goods and Wells just denied myt claim against Pack and Ride which was out of business on August 2th but now their web site is back up. Anyone else have similiar issues? I can be reached directly at [email protected], possibly we can work togehter to get charges reversed being I smell something funny here.

Pack And Ride - California / no longer in business


We used pack and ride to move across the country and now we find ourselves in a very precarious place. Those crooks at Pack & Ride charged our credit card. Estes Express pciked up our stuff but now it is apparently sitting in Maryland. Estes is telling us they have not been paid. Our bank tells us that they cannot reverse the charges. If you have your stuff, consider yourself really lucky sfc mckinney. From what I understand Pack & Ride is out of business. If your stuff is in transit, call Estes with your contract number to see if they are the ones doing the shipping. Good luck to all of us who have been defrauded.

Pack And Ride / Fraud and cheating


Pack and Ride, Inc. contracts for moving trailers to be dropped and left so customers can fill the trailers and schedule pick up and delivery to the move destination. On the day of my scheduled trailer drop I was notified by Pack and Ride that their contract trailer provider would not deliver to my origin for drop off. This was a disaster that required me to rent another truck and hire labor to move everything across town to the trailer dispatch yard. Pack and Ride collected nearly $600 profit to arrange for the trailer delivery and claims that they have no risk for performance if the trailer...