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Pacific Webworks Complaints & Reviews

Pacific Webworks - Utah, Salt Lake City / unauthorized charges to visa


Try this to see if you can get charges refunded from these scam artists!! Pww internet biz kit, tqg, vmt are all names you will see on your visa/bank statements with unauthorized monthly charges - they are all the same company under umbrella pacific webworks inc.!! Try what I did to see if you can get anywhere with these scam artists. they have said they will refund me all 4 months' charges of $79.90 each... I will trust it when I see it! I got scammed into this web ripoff as well by signing up at what I thought was an official google adsense website... but wa...

Pacific Webworks - Utah / unauthorized payment


On 10/5/09 I responded to a goodle ad regarding at home income profit. I clicked on to the ad and then proceeded to purchase for .97 the internet biz kit and for 1/95 the money maker kit. I received proper information from the money maker homepage and signed on...later cancelling on 10/14/09 with the payment being refunded to me. I had no information regarding the internet biz kit..therefore could not cancel. It was not until I reviewed my bank statment that I had a number. They refused to forward me to a supervisor and refused to refund my payment, stating that I needed to read the terms and...

Pacific Webworks - Washington / fraud!


Being a stay at home mom and actively seeking employment I saw an ad for at home business with google! Who would've thought twice about this because everyone knows who google is. I was interested so this ad directed me to pacific webworks. I browsed through everything and thought it would be a great deal (especially because google was involved) well pacific webworks charged me $70.00 for a domain name that you can get for free somewhere else! Not to mention in order to start your own business with them you must add adsense and adwords which also charge you a monthly fee of no less than $50.00!!! It's a rip off and believe me if you pay for the domain name it's yours no refunds!!! Beware!

Pacific Webworks - Virginia, Ashburn / fraud and rip off!


As others have indicated, I have found a recurring charge for $49.90 on my bank account, and like everyone else I was wondering where it came from. I called the company, Pacific Webworks, and I found out what it was from. This was from an attempt to qualify for a 'free' gift card for taking an online survey. In order to complete the survey, you must sign up for a number of Gold, Silver and Platinum offers. One of the offers is for a $4.95 information packet for a Google online auction business. I figured, okay, I can shell out $4.95 for a $500.00 gift card. In the fine print...

Pacific Webworks - Utah, Salt Lake City / unauthorized credit card charges


This company has been charging our american express card on a monthly basis for $49.90 after an initial charge of $4.95. We called american express and put the last two charges in dispute but the ones before that were older than 60 days. We have never heard of this company nor did we ever provide them with any of our personal information or credit card number. They are somehow stealing credit card numbers and abusing them. Based on what I have read about them on the internet I cannot believe how long they have been ripping people off and that nobody with legal authority has shut them down and put...