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Pacific Gas and Electric of California Complaints & Reviews

Pacific Gas and Electric of California - California, Fresno / Home electricity and gas

Dec 22, 2016

When I first moved into a 1100sq ft apt 5/2015 I thought pg&e would be leveled to about $150 a month as we didnt have anything of high consumption (No washer, dryer, spa etc). By sept 2015 I became concerned as billing was $200 plus... Kept calling pg&e every month to go over usage (Which made no sense, as to why high) and bills continued to rise. By march 2016 I had lost patience, as bills now nearing $ 275-285 with far less usage. Again pg&e stated they couldn't go by anything else but what meter read, and to let landlord know perhaps have electrical survey done. Landlord no help.In aug I...

Pacific Gas and Electric of California / High electricity charges

Jul 27, 2016

On July 22, 2016 received my bill zero balance yay, wrong! That evening at 8 pm received call stating meter reader was coming to read meter, so Mon or Tues? On the 25th received email showing my bill was now $196.42 for electric, $9.42 gas, all because I had them remove smart meter, I live in a 700 sq ft 2 bdrm apt, no AC, only three box fans, two ceiling fans, new windows, energystar fridge, water heater, energy save t v and pc, light bubs, In 35 years I've never had a high electric bill like this. For two years I've been paying over $120 a month with the smartmeter, now that its gone I get...