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Owhl Cattery Complaints & Reviews

Owhl Cattery / sally patch

Jul 20, 2017

Sally agreed to sell me a calico Cornish Rex on the phone she gave me a price told me to go through PayPal, then she told me that she would check with her transporter and let me know the cost of getting the cat to Florida, I called her the next day to ask for her PayPal information it went to voicemail so I left a message telling her what I wanted I never heard from her so I called again and left another message, then I got a text saying she was arranging transportation of the cat so anyway I thought everything was ok so I assumed the next text would be about getting the cat well it wasn't she...

Owhl Cattery - Michigan / abusive emails, strange deposit system


This professional-seeming breeder with good website credentials and cute cats really shocked me. I wanted a particular type of kitten: long-haired, male, Scottish Fold with folded ears. Naturally, she didn't know if any of such description would be born in her April litters. The lady (Sally) told me that I could send a deposit, even before they were born. Naturally, I wanted to know if I would get the deposit back if none of her upcoming letters would actually have the kitten of my description. It's one thing to put a deposit on a klitten that is born and you have seen pictures of...