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Dec 21, 2012

I Purchased an Ouffer Voucher for 2 x 1 hour massages from Nakhon Thai Massage Level 1 109 Waverley Road, Malvern East VIC [protected] Costing me $70.00 on the 1/11/2017 The place was a nightmare to find, not the address, but the entrance to the shop is around the back of a building, through a rabbit warren and up some stairs. We were uncomfortable the minute we walked in. We were made to undress and wait on mattresses on the floor, laughed at, left for 25minutes to wait while the staff argued in another language and lots of shouting in english We had our bags searched and were accused of... / They are scam artists

Dec 19, 2012

I purchased a kayaking voucher but everytime I would try and redeem it, the weather was horrendous and they could never "fit me in" when I wanted, as a result my voucher expired after a gazillion times of trying to redeem it! There is no contact number for ouffer and I have sent over 456632 emails to them. They are scam artists, I have never had any problems with other companies and I am disgusted with this illegitimate company who refuse to give me back the money they STOLE from me. And in my emails I have told them to ring me and they wont, they must be an illegal overseas company stealing people's money! / FAIL

Aug 13, 2012

Ouffer FAIL: What can they ‘ouffer’ you? They ouffer ‘deals’ for services that are not redeemable, from companies who only accept online bookings… but have no online slots available. They then ouffer no compensation, but will happily quote irrelevant Ts & Cs. Dealing with shoddy companies like this, it’s no wonder Ouffer are going bankrupt. Avoid at all cost. / Customer service is appalling

Jul 06, 2012

Ouffer refused to refund a voucher the provider wouldn't honor. Stay away from Ouffer, very dodgy! Wasted $69. Customer service is appalling. I was offered a $20 credit which is useless because I would never ever buy anything from them again. Refused the credit and advised I would follow this up with the ACCC. / Don't waste your time with this Scammers

Nov 09, 2011

Absolute Joke. Purchased a dinner for two for a place that had actually been closed down and a change of owenership. The owners advised us to contact Ouffer as they will honour a refund. After 4 weeks of continious emails i am yet to hear anything back from them. Don't waste your time with this Scammers. / What a bunch of #!#[email protected]

Oct 02, 2011

Ouffer provides dodge deals. I got a deal for carpet cleaning which turned out to be a scam. I now know from a blog published by another customer that Ouffer knew about the scam weeks before my service was meant to be provided but they never contacted me. I suspect they didn't contact anyone. So they sat there doing nothing while hundreds of people cleared their homes of furniture waiting for carpet cleaners that never arrived. What a bunch of #!#[email protected] / Avoid this website at all costs

Sep 13, 2011

Tried to obtain a refund for 2 vouchers they sold from a vendor who wouldn't honor the service advertised - only response I got was an automated reply that they would get back to me shortly. After waiting two weeks there has been no further response. Terrible customer service as echoed by many who have reviewed Ouffer.