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OSP Communications Complaints & Reviews

OSP Communications / fraud


I was billed for a collect call for about 17 dollars. I do not even have a telephone at my house. my ATT line is used for DSL only. I use my cell phone for all voice calls. What a scam. shame on ATT for billing me on behalf of this shady company.

OSP Communications - Washington, Tumwater / Incorrect billing


My phone bill was higher than normal this month even though I only use my cell phone to place calls (not my land line). The bill provided by Qwest stated that the Billing Resource on behalf of OSP Communications was billing me for a collect call from Santa Rosa, CA, a call I neither accepted nor received. I called the Billing Resource 1-888-296-8079 which transferred me to OSP Communications 1-866-460-0837. They said they would credit my account in the next billing cycle, but I will believe that when I see the next bill.

OSP Communications / Fraudulent Billing


I exclusively use my cell phone for phone calls. My land line only exists so that I can have DSL internet service. I do not have a telephone plugged in to the line. Therefore my ATT bill is identical month to month. This month I noticed that it was 15 dollars higher than normal. The problem was the fraudulent billing of a 15 dollar collect call that was allegedly placed from my phoneless home to Omaha, NE. The 3rd party billing was conducted by "The Billing Service" on behalf of "OSP Communications." I called tried to call both companies to complain and OSP's number is out of service. The...