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Orgreenic Pan Complaints & Reviews

Orgreenic Pan - Wisconsin, Viroqua / the pan has chipped badly

Dec 09, 2018

My mother purchased this orgreenic 10 inch pan and gave it to me as a gift. She did not give me a receipt with it and did not realize she would have to. The company stated that this pan has a lifetime guarantee and no where on the package did it claim it would be replaced with a receipt. I called customer service and informed them the pan was badly chipped and he told me sorry there wasn't anything he could do without a receipt and hung up.

Orgreenic Pan - Washington, Puyallup / it doesn't work

Apr 01, 2013

We heard about the green pans and asked for one for Christmas. We received a OrGreenic pan. I am NOT sure if that is different from the green pan but it doesn't work at all!!! Everything sticks in it with or without grease. And after the first use there became this black residue or something inside the pan and it wont come off, no matter what I do. Even a magic eraser cant get it off and it works on everything! I am very disappointed with your product! Thanks for your time. Amber Latimer