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orgreenic frying pans Complaints & Reviews

orgreenic frying pans / overcharged for worng order sent

Jun 21, 2012

purchased two 10" frying pans on a special 2 for one 19.99 plus shipping also purchased a 12" pan with cover for 20.00 was to receive a free bonus food chopper pans received where one 10" pan and one 12" pan, both with lid covers. the order taker confirmed the price total 53.95 with shipping. I requested the option of ONE total payment. The invoice was for 87.00 for the two pans with the first payment of 46.00 was billed to my credit card and they would bill me tha balance39.00 next month. When I called their customer service the person told me that I had ordered ONLY the two pans and that the...

orgreenic frying pans - Florida, Panama City / Waste

Apr 11, 2012

I got the Orgreenic Frying Pans, first beware of buy one get one free, you pay $19.95 for one then supposedly you get a second one free. By the time they charge you for exorbitant shipping plus tax, you wind up spending $37.00 for two. Second and most important, they are a complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I followed their directions explicitly on both pans, and they continue to stick terribly. Don't even think about trying to cook something without any spray or shortening in the pan. Even after the preparation anything cooked sticks immediately. Even when sprayed with Pam...

orgreenic frying pans - California, Van Nuys / fraud-scam

Feb 01, 2012

After viewing the TV ad for the Orgreenic frying pans, I went online to order one for $19.99 to get a 2nd one free. Shipping/postage $6.99, but I was charged $10.00 instead. In the process of making my order online, offers were made to purchase the entire set ($300+), which I declined. After completing the online ordering process, The only confirmation that I received for my order was a S/P charge of $10.00. After calling about this unusual confirmation, I was told by an Orgreenic representative that I had ordered the complete set for over $300; that delivery of the set would take...