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Orbit Telecom Complaints & Reviews

Orbit Telecom / Just Another Scamming Strategy

Feb 24, 2011

I just got my telephone bill from AT&T today, and, I noticed that it was about $40.00 higher than usual. I didn’t notice any long distance calls that I didn’t make, and, the ones I did make only added up to a couple of dollars. Upon further investigation of my bill I noticed “new service” charges listed under the name of “Orbit Telecom “and also “Enhanced Billing Service”, each of the charges were for $19.95. I had no idea of what it was for so I called AT&T customer service and they informed me that “Orbit” and “Enhanced...

Orbit Telecom / Overcharged


Twice in the last few months my at&t bill has included a bill from an Orbit Telecom for an Orbit Telecom VMail service that I had not requested. They cancelled the service and did not charge the first time. I am not sure of the results of my most recent contact with them concerning this month's charge since the at&t electronic payment will not be made until early next month. Orbit said my request had been made using an email address that has not been in service for some time.

Orbit Telecom / Unauthorized charges


Orbit Telcom- Enhanced Services Inc is someone or some company that has found a way to get money from you by going through your phone company as a third party billing. They just tell your phone company that you owe this $15.00 and the phone company says ok . And if you call the phone company to tell them that you did not order this service and that you have no ideal who this is they we just tell you to call Orbit Telecom and work it out with them because there is nothing they can do about it. So if you see New Provider and Enhance services billing Inc orbit telecom on your bill, well you -...

Orbit Telecom / Unauthorized billing


Page after page I am reading the same complaint. This is not the first time companies have got away with this type of action. I have seen it before and why does qwest allow it and why isn't somebody doing something about it. Is there a lawyer out there that want to start a class action lawsuit? I will be happy to get in on it. I am tired of being ripped off like this. I want some action done, by the government, A lawyer or somebody. Why do we have to keep dealing with these types of companies. I want to scream I am so mad. Unauthorized third party billing on my phone bill.

Orbit Telecom - Michigan / did not order and not off


I hve charges on my phone bill for vmail services. I called and cancelled the service on October 10 as I had not ordered it. I called again on 10/31 they say my sevice is cancelled but calls are still going to vmail. My phone company says they don't have it on my line. Orbit says they don't know how to to get it off my line as the service is cancelled.