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Open Business Directory Ltd. Complaints & Reviews

Open Business Directory Ltd. / Unsolicited business directory/yellow page scam

Nov 20, 2015

We received an invoice by fax for a one-year subscription to a business directory that looked at first glance to be from Yellow Pages. On closer inspection it is from the company named above and they reference the following description on their invoice: We never authorized anything and had never heard of the company before. Their corporate address is in Switzerland and their Legal dept shows to be in Dubai UAE.

Open Business Directory Ltd. - California / deceptive practices

Mar 27, 2012

We received a fax on 1/24/12 from Yellow Page USA asking to confirm contact details for what appears to be an existing free Yellow Page ad. The information looked correct, so I confirmed and sent back. We later received a call requesting a similar confirmation, this raised suspicisions, so I spoke with our General Manager who stated that Gorilla Marketing does not advertise with the yellow pages and that this appeared to be a scam. I told the person over the phone that we DID NOT want to list anything or sign up for anything and to cancel whatever they had. The representative stated that he...