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OnPoint Law Center Complaints & Reviews

OnPoint Law Center / Fraud


I was told I qualified for a loan modification I was to give 2200.00 dollars upfront. I did and two week later I was told because I didn't get the information back on time my case was being closed. There would be no refund as to which I was guarenteed. OnPoint Law Center NEVER contacted my mortgage company as they say they did, I did qualify and am doing it myself at this time. I want and need my money back, I have contacted the California State's Attorney's Office, the Postal Inspectors Officer and the FBI Fraud Complaint Dept. in hopes I will get my refund. In my opinion...

OnPoint Law Center - California, Corona / Mortgage Modification Fraud


They take your fees for mortgage modifications UPFRONT and then tell you that you don't qualify and do not refund you even though they initially tell you they have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They come up with some legal excuse to not give it back to you! ONLY USE LOAN MODIFICATION COMPANIES THAT DO NOT CHARGE UPFRONT FEES! There are a lot of them that will evaluate your financial situation for FREE and then if they can help you they will take your fee. On Point wants your fee UP FRONT!! BEWARE!!! They also promise to perform a FORENSIC LOAN EVALUATION and then they don't do it.