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Online Virtual Complaints & Reviews

Online Virtual / Bogus Set In Stone Income Guarantee

Apr 14, 2015

Regrettably, I bought the On-Line Virtual System in February 2014. One Year later, I have not made any money using this system and I have not recovered a cent of the purchase price of AUS$ 9, 640.00. This product came with an 'Income Guarantee' that states : " We are 100% confident you will find the Online Virtual system enables you to earn the returns as proven. We offer a 100% set in stone peace of mind guarantee to clients as we continue to grow." I have tried to contact them numerous times and have had no luck in recovering my loss. I desperately need help to try and recover the substantial amount of money that I have lost. I have all the documentation and evidence. Please can you help.

Online Virtual / No communication or Help

Jun 29, 2014

We joined in March 2014. Started with Anthony who showed us the programme. My husband worked with Doug to get started. We have had it running without putting money bets on to check if we were able to make money. We have not and can not see it is going to make money.We have asked for help from Doug, however he doesn't actually work the business, only shows you how. Anthony has not got back to us.Maybe we do need to go to FAIRGO. Any of you out there keen on meeting somewhere and putting a plan together.