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I enrolled in Florida Tech Online for an associate degree in accounting. And was assigned a rep. from University Alliance, the person knew that I was relying on financial aid to obtain my degree. I sent in my FAFSA and they required an IRS retrieval which was done. I ask when I would find out my award and was told it is a waiting game . I had enrolled in two classes and decided to drop one because of my workload and wanted to good in my classes. This was done in the first week and if I had the details of my financial aid award I would have dropped the second class and have been finished with...

Colleges and Universities  · Jan 22, 2015

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The University of Phoenix has me on a payment plan for a financial aid disaster that they are not taking responsibility for. I am threatened with one email after another about paying for a class that a financial aid "counselor" ill-advised me about. I am looking through the documentation in the school to ensure that they don't continue to get away with this. (And) for individual that posted that it appears that we are all just whiners - I have 12 credits to go. Call me a baby if you like but if you were in any of our shoes you would go to the ends of the earth to ensure that your pursuit in education is not taken lightly. The future Dr. Deb