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One Click Appliances Complaints & Reviews

One Click Appliances / Scam!


We ordered a $1900 washer/dryer from - they then cancelled the order and said they would refund us. We never got our money back and now they do not respond to emails and have removed their telephone number from their site. There is HUNDREDS of exactly the same complaint of various consumer review websites. REPORT THEM TO... And try to stop them doing this to lots more people. They are making money out of people desperate for a bargain. I cannot believe they are still in operation - I have reported them to the better business bureau, it might not help, but if lots of people did it then it might!

One Click Appliances / Bad experience


My husband and I ordered a portable washer. It says that the delivery is 1-2 weeks which was just fine for us. the transaction was Jan 20, 2008 and did not arrive until march so we requested to cancel our order and got a confirmation that the refund was processed but did not get our money back until now. I tied to ask help from paypal since we paid thru them but they could not help me because it's beyond their time frame for complaints now. I would really be glad if we could do something with this.

One Click Appliances / They will take your money and deliver nothing


This is not a credible company. I have contacted the BBB of New York but it is still too early to know if it does any good. They are definitely a scam company with nothing but voice mail and a fancy add. If you choose to buy from them you will be sorry! They say that they are having problems with their systems and say they can not process orders but they will still take your money and deliver nothing. I do not know how to cause them any other frustration but I hope they are caught and prosecuted for their actions.