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OHF Construction Complaints & Reviews

OHF Construction - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Renovation

Oct 14, 2011

David Douglas' 6-step plan to "Building His Wealth from Your Real Estate" will probably turn out something like this: Step 1: David will source you a buy-flip property with "great potential" Step 2: David will assure you his construction company can do the renovations and under-bid the job so you hire him Step 3: David will have you sign a "cost-plus" contract Step 4: David will over-charge and under-deliver until you start to catch on, and then hold you accountable to all cost over-runs per step 3 contract Step 5: David will lien your property so that you are stuck paying him out all...

OHF Construction - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Seminar

Sep 27, 2011

I attended a recent seminar held by David Douglas, also of OHF Construction. He's correct in telling you that his "Building Wealth from Real Estate" seminars will help create wealth. What he doesn't tell you so clearly is that you're helping him become wealthy, as he's ultimately the one to get paid first. This company has a very poor reputation among Winnipeg contractors for taking advantage of their customers by telling them one price upfront of the project, and then billing for materially higher amounts due to numerous "unexpected" overruns. Don't be fooled into...

OHF Construction - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Poor Project Management

Aug 24, 2011

Would not recommend OHF Construction after a dreadful recent experience with the above noted job. An hourly contract was entered into to complete the job and OHF proceeded to poorly manage both costs and timelines by invoicing more than $20, 000 above original estimates. Subsequently, other written quotes were obtained on work OHF performed, where other contractors confirmed aspects of OHF’s work were done to a less than professional standard, and were overbilled. As an example, OHF claimed 67 hours of labor for completing a portion of work, where other subsequent quotes came back between...