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Offerwire - California / not giving back the rebate prommised

a.f on Jun 29, 2013
I have submitted ALL the information required in order to receive the $150 rebate exactly as requested. It seems a little bit strange how complicated the submission process was (wait for 60 days to get your first two bills, and so on) but set my timelines in the calendar and did everything by the book. Checking back on the status I am told the request is denied because "Service(s) ordered were already active or previously ordered". Ordered by Who? My 6 year old? Is it even logical for a single family to have two cable accounts in the same residency? I called the number and ask for a review. I wa...

Offerwire - Illinois / Rebate Fruad

Custwauk on Dec 4, 2012
This is a total fraud... you will not get your rebate unless you are willing to follow it up for atleast a year... i am following it up for more than 10 months now.. I would have sent at least 30 emails and also have registered in thier site... it is of total waste... please dont belive these scams... these people are making us fools...

Offerwire / Not paying the promised rebates

Ram Vaswani on Dec 3, 2012
I bought Comcast services through Offerwire who sold me an internet modem and router promising rebates. I sent all the required documents the comcast service bills, UPC code on the product boxes, etc. They emailed me saying that they have received the documentation and they are currently reviewing it. After a month or so I get another email saying that your rebate is process successfully and you will receive rebate in 7-10 days. I did not hear/receive anything from the company for almost 2 months. When I called in one of their representatives told me that they have not received my...

Offerwire - Florida, Miami / Deceptive Practices

schandler on Jun 19, 2012
Totally Deceptive! Let me be clear, This company is RUNNING A SCAM!. I typed "Comcast specials" into a google search to take advantage of any specials Comcast was offering for the month and their website was listed on top-with Comcast in the URL! i went on the site and saw the Comcast logo on the heading and i thought i was on Comcast's website the whole time! But i wasn't !! in short- i placed an order for internet service with free (after rebate) modem and router-For never once was it mentioned that i could rent the equipment etc. They charged me $180 which was deducted in less than...

Offerwire - Florida / poor malfunctioning equipent/ no install

t.scott.beckett on Jun 4, 2012
DO NOT EVER SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING WITH OFFERWIRE...EVER. ...this is a scam...was billed 174ish dollars immediately for bunk equipment, that arrived quickly though i was only able to get internet installed TWO WEEKS later, by calling comcast directly. I have spoken with 10+ customer service reps( lost count really...just a general estimate.) I had to force another company (linksys) associated with offerwire to make good on there name and reputation and finally declared the equipment malfunctioning (the modem linksys e900 never would connect to the internet had to buy the comcast modem, and the...

Offerwire - Oregon, Portland / rebate denied

CharlieDog on May 20, 2012
Don't go for their "rebate" scam associated with Comcast. I submitted the required documents EXACTLY as specified and they denied my rebate. When I called, they said they "misunderstood" my documents. Unbelievable. Three months and no rebate. AVOID.

Offerwire - Massachusetts / Refusing to give rebate

dan9874 on Apr 19, 2012
The company has refused to give $120 in promotional rebates stating that I did not maintain the service a min. of 60 days. I ordered my Comcast service thru offerwire and continue to have the service since I ordered it 5 months ago. I called and they said they had straigtened it out and to call back in 3 weeks. Three weeks later and they have no record of call and state that I didnt order my service thru them! I ordered $120 in equipment with 100% rebate and then I cancel and order the same day on my own so I can lose my rebate. OK. They make you run thru hoops to qualify for rebate with...

Offerwire - Illinois, Chicago / rebate scam

The first week of January 2012 I ordered Comcast internet installation, and without even knowing it a company called Offerwire sold me a modem ($80) and router ($50), saying I would receive a full rebate on the equipment once I receive two billing statements from Comcast. I completed all their paperwork--cutting out the original labels from the box, copying the bills, and other petty proofs to mail in. It's not until March 15 and 22 that I receive two separate e-mails stating that I should click on a link to see the status of my rebate. The earlier e-mail link said I'd receive a $50...

Offerwire / no rebate sent

coconutbowling on Feb 18, 2012
Denied one of my two rebates sent in for. Sent to same address one accepted the other for no reason not accepted. They are liars about what they will and will not do

Offerwire - Georgia, Manchester / Rebate not honored

Camden on Feb 11, 2012
As others have indicated on this site, I signed up for new Charter Internet service and accepted the offer for a new modem and router which would be free after a mail-in rebate. I sent all of the original documentation that was required. I received notification that a $50 prepaid card would be sent for one of the items, but that the other rebate ($79.95) was invalid due to a missing original serial number. The problem is since I actually sent them the original, I now do not have an original to send. I have done many rebates in my life, and have NEVER had a problem before. I believe that...

Offerwire - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Affiliate not honoring promised rates

DukeCityMuscle on Dec 5, 2011
Although OfferWire.com found me a good rate for Comcast Digital Starter TV service with the HD option, Comcast did *not* honor those rates. Over my 2 year Comcast agreement I'll be paying $108 more than OfferWire.com offered me. I spoke to OfferWire.com customer service and was told that in the end Comcast has full control over whether or not they will honor OfferWire.com rates. That caveat was NEVER mentioned on the OfferWire website nor in the offer email they emailed me. So I'm getting a little better rate than the regular Comcast promotions, but it feels like a bait-and-switch. What good is a discount offer if, when used, it turns out not to be real?

Offerwire / Rip off

sickofbs2 on Nov 29, 2011
Offerwire provides buying incetives for companies like Charter Communications, Comcast, Netflex and many others. They provide incentives (rebates) as a reward to subscribing to services or purchasing products. If you see Offerwire on anything - RUN! I made the mistake of ordering Charter service through Offerwire in May 2010. It is now late September 2010 and still no rebates. What's worse is that they require documents to submit for the rebate that you won't have. I had to contact them numerous times and until I got ugly, received no response. They claim my rebates are actually in proce...

Offerwire - Minnesota, Saint Paul / Not paying rebates as promised

Donna Larkey on Nov 3, 2011
I have had nothing but problems trying to get my rebates. First they said I did not turn in all required info, I had kept a copy of ALL of it and sent it again. Now they are claiming that Comcast told them I ordered through a different affiliate, which I did not, and Comcast tells me that they did not tell OfferWire that either. I sent them all the confirmation emails and receipts and still they are stonewalling me. These people are crooks and everyone who has gotten screwed by them should get together and file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and try to get a class action suit going...

Offerwire - Florida / Misleading

millermaster99 on Sep 13, 2011
I thought i was talking to Comcast they never mentioned they were offerwire when Comcast came to install my package they new none of the details I'm sure my bill will be a total mess. The charge that showed up on my credit card was $25.00 higher than quoted for the Modem & Router I thought I was buying from comcast. I have little hope of getting my rebates as stated by others on this site. It took 4 phone calls to finally get someone on phone at offerwire TOTAL RIPOFF why does Comcast let these people exist

Offerwire - Ohio / no rebate given

Sizzler on Jul 25, 2011
Basically, the same complaint as everyone else. I didn't even know I was dealing with offerwire. I thought I was dealing directly with Time Warner. Once I placed the order, I was informed tha someone would be contacting me about installation. everything went smooth other than I was trying to figure out who I was doing business with. I couldn't understand who Offerwire was since I was attempting to order through Time Warner. To get the rebate, I had to have 2 full months invoices to send to Offerwire. I waited the 2 months and sent in everything that I was suppose to send. I recieved...

Offerwire - California / No rebate paid

jackieboy on Apr 30, 2011
I signed up for Comcast Cable service expecting to get a free modem. Free after the rebate that is. This company is in business to NOT give rebates. They put so many restrictions and hoops you have to jump thru to get a rebate. They have your purchase information but that isn't enough. You're required to have 2 Comcast bills, the UPC code off the box, and on and on. Then there's a 90 day restriction. You have to get the right form in the right month and it is so confusing that it isn't worth the trouble because they refuse payment. This is a big scam. It is either...

Offerwire / Not Honoring Rebate

rlc0001 on Feb 19, 2011
I ordered Triple Play service from online comcast authorized retailer in October 2010. Due to some contractor mis-scheduling I did not have my service activated until day after thanksgiving 2010. Comcast had to run a new wire since the house we moved into had not previously had cable. We had no television for a few weeks during our move, but we did have netflix. The order included a rebate for $250 and the details were sub, it within 90 days of order, copy two bills, and submit confirmation email. When I received my second bill, I realized I lost my confirmation code so I called offerwire...

Offerwire - California / Never delivered promised rebate

I submitted an order for Comcast service through Offerwire, and was promised a free modem with rebate as well as a rebate for ordering Comcast TV + Internet (double play). After a week with no modem arriving, I called to check on the status only to find out that my order had been cancelled. I spent many hours on the phone with different reps, and never was successful getting a supervisor on the phone. Was given the following reasons for the cancellation from different reps: 1) I cancelled the order (did I really? did I forget to tell myself this?) 2) I already had comcast service (I did not...

Offerwire - Tennessee / Close to fraud

Offerwire provides buying incetives for companies like Charter Communications, Comcast, Netflex and many others. They provide incentives (rebates) as a reward to subscribing to services or purchasing products. If you see Offerwire on anything - RUN! I made the mistake of ordering Charter service through Offerwire in May 2010. It is now late September 2010 and still no rebates. What's worse is that they require documents to submit for the rebate that you won't have. I had to contact them numerous times and until I got ugly, received no response. They claim my rebates are actually in...

Offerwire / difficulty getting rebate

I ordered internet service through offer wire/ bridgevine. the ISP was TWC, but offerwire had a promo for $40 rebate on a wireless router which I was made to pay $50 + $14 (shipping and handling - ridiculous! for normal shipping which cost them $5) + tax = $70 (the custmer service told me I would get a free router- its not so free now!) I filled in the forms and sent them to offerwire and they sent me a link to status check the rebate. I found that they claimed I had not send them an order confirmation number (which was on the receipt I had sent them) I called them (and acted stern after...
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