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OEG Complaints & Reviews

OEG - Ontario, wheatley / keep off my property

Apr 21, 2015

Had one of your people from Ontario energy group knock on door at 6:20 pm on April 21, 2015. I have a do not solicit sign on front door so when I opened door and saw badge from oeg I went to close door and said not interested and he said out loud ma'am. I do not want your company calling or coming to my home again or I will call the police. They are trespassing. I wan't nothing to do with your scamming of people. Read people's doors next time for no soliciting or trespassers welcome signs.

OEG / shady tactic

Apr 16, 2015

Had sales person come to the door. Can I check furnace spoke to her for a while before showing furnace showed great concern for my family saying was my furnace vented with black pipes and how this is illegal and can leak carbon monoxide felt very presumed into signing. I showed concern about contract and was quickly given a speech about safety for my family and how this is a great deal I sold one to my mother. Asked about bills and to have a copy of contract given to me for the portion of the union gas and electric bills for the reduction part of the deal i was fast talked out of that one a...

OEG - Ontario, London / aggressive man forcing his way in the door and letting dog loose

Oct 18, 2014

This aggressive man with a badge for OEG claiming to work for the govt and being required to check my furnace opened my screen door and walked in the house and let my dog loose. I had to get him out and he was very rude when I pointed to a sign on my door that says No Salesmen etc. He said "I can read but I still have to do my job and I work for the Ont. government and will keep coming back until you comply!

OEG - Ontario, Guelph / After nine pm door sales

Jul 30, 2014

On July 29 at 9pm two men knocked on my front door. I did not answer because I had seen them across the street at my neighbours and I wasn't interested in talking. They knocked loudly several times. And then came to the side door and knocked on my window where my oldest daughter was sitting and then on my side door. I came to the door angry telling them that this was not an appropriate time to come to my door. My youngest daughter was sleeping. They told me that energy regulations in Ontario have changed and they were here to see if I was up to date. I told them that i wasn't...