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ODS Complaints & Reviews

ODS - Oregon, Portland / Lack of coverage for anesthesia


I am a physician, and I continue to be amazed by the health coverage or lack of it, when dealing with ODS. ODS stands for Oregon Dental Service, and they are a primary insurer for Oregon Health & Science University for dental coverage and for prescription medication coverage. My 6 year old son had recently had to have a filling. We were charged the customary deductible of $50. We also paid the 80% of the remaining uncovered charges. However, I was flabbergasted that ODS does not cover premedications, analgesics, or anesthetics. When I reviewed the exclusions, I confirmed thet ODS excludes the...

ODS / Stay away


I applied to ODS health insurance and the only reply that they ever sent back to me was that my application was under review. Almost TWO months passed before an email told me that my application had been approved. But they never sent me anything! No ID membership card, no info packet, no nothing. After awhile I called in to ask them what was going on. They told me they sent the packet. After I explained to them that no packet was received they told me they would send another one. A couple more months passed and guess what? NO PACKET! At this point I just assumed that ODS was not interested in...