Odesk Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Odesk Corporation / Unrelevant Support Staff

Nov 16, 2014

From past some years I have been honestly and efficiently making my living from .Odesk suspended my account and Freelancer profile.Here is the link to my odesk profile page: The response of support is pathetic and not supportive or helpful in any way, as nothing is justified among me. The odesk Support team is acting exactly like a "PUBLIC RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE" and just getting me informed about decisions made by the company. An ideal Freelancer Support Representative or team interacts with a Freelancer to provide them with...

Odesk Corporation / Account suspended without any valid reason

Sep 18, 2014

Hi.. I am Jayana from India. I have contractor account in I used to work for web designing via Odesk platform for almost 3 years. I have good reputation among the clients. I have successfully finished around 63 job and done around 600+ hours work with average 95% of good feedback. Th issue - One of my client get all work completed by me stop replying when time comes to pay remaining 50% payment. I have notify Odesk regarding this. Odesk also not able to get respond from him on this. So after 5 month of waiting, I have taken my work back from site. Due to this he get angry and start...

Odesk Corporation - California, Redwood City / Services provided by oDesk

Dec 22, 2012

I have been hired by one of my client. He paid 10 % upfront. After starting of the project he did too many modification in project requirement without paying extra charges, Still i managed to deliver whole project code, which was running fine on my server on web. But client said to deploy project code on his server up and running, then after that he will pay rest of the amount. When i was deploying the code on server, he has ended the contract and left a negative feedback and 1 rating out of 5 scale. I asked from oDesk team about the negative feedback, they said if you refund the money then the...

Odesk Corporation - California, Redwood City / Fraud and Scam


I hired thru Odesk a provider with raving reviews and lots of work hours. He wanted payment by PayPal and I paid him and he wanted more later but provided no proof of work. Then he simply disappeared. Odesk won't do a thing and won't even take him off the provider's list. Then told me if I paid outside the Odesk system, it won't protect me. So we resubmitted for another bid and we hired another one and made payments thru Odesk. Supposedly only a 3 month job but it got dragged out to more than a year. Each time they wanted a bit more time and payment. Since we tried to be...

Odesk Corporation / Beware!

Odesk Scam - Don't Hire Odesk Programmers. Odesk based in California did not lift a finger when we got scammed by oversea programmers. WARNING BEFORE USING ODESK READ THIS. We recently hired Odesk to introduce us to a "So Called" affordable software programmers. Here's the Scam that happened to us on Odesk: 1. We were quoted a large fee (about $10, 000) by a very nice programmer to develop software for us. 2. Midway into the stage the programmer comes back to us and stated he miscalculated his quote and demanded another approx. $5, 000.00 to complete the project. 3. We were so deep into the...