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Oakdale Lending Group Complaints & Reviews

Oakdale Lending Group - Virginia, Charlottesville / Loan Scam


Sharon Wells & Victor Ellis of the Oakdale Lending! Ms. Wells called me saying I was approved for a loan of $5000.00 dollars for an application I sub-mitted to a online web-site. I was approved for a secured loan, meaning I had to pay 5 months in advance for $1100.00 and my payments would not start until May of 2009. Once I wired the money to a private investor (so they say) I will have the funds in my account the next business day. Then I receive a call from Victor Ellis saying there was a problem with my loan and I needed to send more money or he would send me a refund of my money on 12/15/2008. I...

Oakdale Lending Group - Virginia, CHARLOTTSVILLE / MONEY FRAUD


On Novemeber the 12th, 2017, I was contacted by Chris Hamilton ext 514 stating that i had in fact been approved for a personal loan, (to which i applied online not with their particular organization) but thru a search engine in the amount of $5000.00. It was however a secured loan and they required a security deposit from me in the amount of $910.00. Upon receipt of the funds they would either finalize all necessary paperwork the funds @ that time would be direct deposited into my account. I called Mr. Hamilton back on the 14th of November, retrieve the wire transfer info from him which the...