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NWV Direct Complaints & Reviews

NWV Direct - New York / &Out of stock& Scam - Bait and Switch


I had just placed an order with them. They called me to tell me it was out of stock, and back ordered 8 weeks (ironically, everyone else has it in stock). They told me the version everyone else had was inferior, since it didn't have the "special chip." (odd, Nikon doesn't even mention ANY of their BATTERIES having a special chip -- and the product #s match). They agreed to give me an aftermarket product for 130% of the cost. When I questioned it, they agreed to "match the OEM price." How kind of you, since Amazon has the aftermarket one for about 25% of the cost. Canceled the order. Someone needs to go after these guys.

NWV Direct - New York, New York / Bait and Switch


Same story as the rest. They advertised an Olympus Fl-36R flash and I ordered it. Yes, they called me also within an hour, at work. Insisted I try this other flash for the Olympus was back ordered. I agreed. I then did some research and found the flash they substituted to be sub standard and called them right back. Of course the flash was already shipped. I then tried to email for a return authorization number, but no one responded at all. Tried four times. Then I began to call. Each time I called they said I needed to speak with someone else, who was not there. Then I also got "Charlie". He...