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NU:Youth Complaints & Reviews

NU:Youth / not complaining about service complaining about products

Jan 15, 2019

I've use this product a few times and I'm have an allergic reaction to it and my doctor told me to stop using it . So if this is some type of monthly membership I had to cancel it immediately I cannot use this product on my skin please return my message because I can't receive this anymore I can no longer be a member sorry call me or text me my email is [protected] are you can call me at [protected] thank you and have a great day . Hoping to hear from you soon !

NU:Youth / unauthorized credit card charges, unethical sale tactics

Oct 18, 2018

I also have been charged 89.95 plus $87.35 one for moisturizer and the other for serum. Both were charged under the name of freshle*truelav which has nothing to do with nu:youth. When I ordered the samples for postage and handling charge only; there was not one mention of an additional charge after 14 days. I spent over an hour to locate the name freshle*truelav on the web. No such thing exists. I then got the bottles out and tried to read the directions and where nu:youth comes from. I actually had to get the magnifying glass out to read the telephone number on the outside of the bottle...

NU:Youth - California, San Diego / anti aging cream

Aug 15, 2018

The company listed as bradyen out of california is offering a trial product youth serum. "nu:youth" all you have to do is pay the $10.95 shipping costs. Shortly after the product arrives they recharge your credit card for an additional $87.95 with out any approval from the customer. I am not paying for something that is the "old bait and switch" they claim the product will keep you from getting botox but for $87.95 every 2 weeks I can actually get botox! If I have to cancel this credit card or stop payment for ever I will!