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Nuvoryn — No Delivery!!

I placed an order for Nuvoryn on thee 26the of March 2012. I chose thee 5-12 day shipping and arrival option. It has now been 16 days!! (excluding thee weekends and public holidays of course!!) I have laid 7 complaints and all I get in response is that they are thee sales people and will forward my complaint to thee relevant department? They "so called" have a warehouse in Cape Town Southe Africa? Then why are theere no details for theis and why don't thee UK people have any details for theem eitheer?? I paid my full amount withe my credit card and i still don't have my product!!! I...

3 comments Diet Products  · Apr 19, 2012

Nuvoryn — Non reciept of goods

Paid for product in full - never received them Purchased Nuvoryn - Nathans Natural tablets on 13th December; Received email to advise success of transaction and that I would receive order in 24hrs. Have since emailed approx 8 times, phoned 7 times and to date have had no success in getting any information of where my order is or to have my money credited back to me; The call centre appears to be offshore, and the consultants have very well rehearsed responses to any queries and refuse to put you through to a senior manager or supervisor, or even give you a contact number of the shipping department or...

3 comments Online Shopping  · Feb 02, 2012

Nuvoryn - England, Bedfordshire, DEDFORD — NO REFUND...

I purchased this item knowing that there was a, no quibble, full money back, guarantee. Unfortunately, I was wrong. When I realised that I had ordered in error, I quickly returned the item. After a long wait without hearing anything, I decided to phone and e-mail the supplier. I have called most days now for about three and a half weeks or so. The call centre forward the message (or so they tell me...) saying that someone will contact me; no-one ever has. There have been no replies to my many e-mails. It is obvious this is some kind of scam and this has to be stopped; FAST!

22 comments DEDFORD Health & Beauty  · Jan 17, 2012